Lego® Serious Play®

Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) is an interactive technique for meeting business challenges, strategy development and team building. Individual creativity is stimulated, and new solutions are introduced through building models with Lego® bricks. Our methodology ensures, that diverse teams generate insights and meet each other at eye-level to create mutual understanding and joint ownership of the innovative process.

Whenever we use our hands while thinking about challenges, the results are astounding. Our connection between hand and brain is magical. By using our hands, we activate more areas of the brain that enables looking at a problem from different perspectives. The result is gaining new and different insights into the most effective way to attack business challenges.

For an experience report on LSP check out Andrew Hill’s article in the Financial Times.

Human Perception and why LSP is so powerful

Human cognition is based on:

of what we do

of what we hear & see

of what we see

of what we hear & see

of what we say

of what we do

Design Thinking


Design thinking is the search for that magical balance between:

  • Business and art
  • Structure and chaos
  • Intuition and logic
  • Concept and execution
  • Playfulness and formality
  • Control and empowerment


By using Design thinking, you combine what is desirable from a human perspective with what is technologically feasible and economically justifiable. It also enables those who are not trained as designers to use creative tools to overcome a variety of challenges.

Idris Mootee, author of «Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation»

Design Thinking Chart EN

In other words, Design Thinking teaches us to tolerate the chaos, trust the process, and believe that in the end, it will all lead to the best possible solution.

Design Thinking Graphic

Graphic by IDEO – «Sweet spot of innovation»