What we offer

Are you an open mind? You want to become a founder of a company and sit in front of a blank screen with an idea in your head and need help to overcome the first hurdles? Do you have a company and want to develop it further, but need an impulse from outside to decide in which direction to go? Let us fill the blank pages together.

Development company visions

Successful project realization

Promotion of collaborative work

Creating impactful workshops

Finding the right words.


Pin-Point workshops require complete immersion into the subject-matter where discussions are often heated, require full commitment and are always constructive. This is the way we like to work with our customers, by creating a safe space to foster creativity while keeping a laser sharp focus on business goals. No matter weather this happens in person or in a virtual room such as for example Miro.

Hands with Lego figures

Team Building

Changes in organisational structures, adoption of new corporate goals or replacement of antiquated processes are a constant challenge for working in the new millennium. Our methodology helps align your teams with company goals and most importantly – keep everyone motivated during challenging phases of transition.
People sit, sketch and discuss

Innovation & Product Development

Do you need a breakthrough concept to revitalize your business? Let Pin-Point drive the shaping of your next great idea with Design Thinking and/or Lego® Serious Play® methodologies to fully engage team members and come up with tangible results. Either face-to-face or in a virtual room.


2 people standing and drawing on a whiteboard

Strategic Communications Planning

We use creative methods for media exposure with the best possible cost-value ratio. We bring together the elements of a coordinated media campaign in the same way that a conductor brings together all the instruments of the orchestra – engaging the audience and inviting them to listen.
Workstation with computers and accessories

Content Development

We perform extensive research to develop the right product names, key messages and campaign taglines that capture the hearts and minds of your potential customers.
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Effective Project Management

With responsibility for so many projects, there is a constant need for an extra hand to help brainstorm, plan or implement tasks on-time and on-budget. Partnering with Pin-Point ensures that full projects or specific tasks are managed and implemented in a methodical and timely manner.
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Positive Working Environments

Peter Drucker and many others have emphasized the connection between workplace satisfaction and business success. The motivation of your team is our guiding light. Developing a positive working environment and innovative business culture are the keys to success in the new millennium. No matter, if you choose to be in the same room or meet online.