About Danielle Rosenbaum

Danielle Rosenbaum writes and edits with passion. She develops content with an eye for the whole and an eye for detail.

Her company Highlight GmbH supports clients in developing concepts and implementing their projects. Danielle is good at listening and identifying needs. She delivers creative solutions in a timely manner, urgently needed structures and target group-oriented content.

As a trained secondary school teacher, longstanding publishing house employee and manager, she successfully applies her pedagogical know-how outside of classic learning situations and helps to make her clients’ everyday work easier.

Both Pin-Point and Highlight attach great importance to quality. That is why the four-eyes principle applies at Pin-Point. Thus Highlight GmbH complements Pin-Point in both text work and workshop situations.

I enjoy working with Nadine because we complement each other and work well together. We are a strong team and can rely on each other completely

Danielle Rosenbaum